Provider Watch™ – NPI Exclusion Search

An Evolution in Exclusion Monitoring, Search By NPI!

Provider Watch™ is a plug-in to our traditional name matching software that searches for exclusions by National Provider Identifier (NPI). Provider Watch™ was designed to mitigate risk where traditional exclusion name-matching fails. Many organizations have large populations of ordering & prescribing practitioners, where the only identifying information available is the NPI. This presents a exclusion monitoring challenges, as the identifying information needed to rule out a possible name match (DOB/SSN) isn't available.

In particular, Labs & Pharmacies often have large volumes of ordering/prescribing provider populations, but have access to limited information about the provider. Provider Watch™ will search and return any matches across the exclusion databases where an NPI is listed. You can scan your providers by batch with our software or in real-time using Portal Pro +™.

When coupled with Portal Pro™ for monitoring employees & vendors, Provider Watch™ will round out a comprehensive risk management solution at an affordable price point. As a plug-in to our Portal Pro™ user interface, Provider Watch™ is an additional $20 per month. API integration costs vary by volume, with a $100 monthly minimum.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how our exclusion search integrations can help!