Social Security Death Index Search

Need to search the current Social Security Death Index (SSDI)?

“Current” is an important distinction, as free searches we’ve found online only deliver SSDI results that are at least 3 years old – which leaves a major gap in your fraud prevention program. To further complicate things, recent changes to National Technical Information Service’s (NTIS) certification process created an expensive and difficult process to obtain access to the SSDI (also known as the Social Security Death Master File (SSDMF)), so direct access to current SSDI searches has become difficult to obtain and very expensive.

Verify Comply has undergone the audits & certifications required and has direct access to the Social Security Death Master File from the NTIS. This makes us one of only a few vendors that offers up-to-date Social Security Death Index searches. Death Index searches can be coupled with exclusion searches, or conducted as a standalone process.

Our mantra is “Efficient. Effective. Affordable.” Just as we’ve done in the exclusion monitoring industry, our Social Security Death Index search software enables efficient and cost-effective solutions for Death Master File/Death Index searches. By offering bulk rates significantly less than the NTIS, and with a low cost of entry for small volume clients, we’ve made SSDMF/SSDI searches accessible. Best of all, there’s no need to undergo expensive & resource intensive audits to gain access to the search results!

Current block rates:

1,000 credits = $1955,000 credits = $49510,000 credits = $74550,000 credits = $2,995400,000 credits = $4,995

You can easily add Death Master File searching to your Free Portal™, Portal Pro™, or Ultimate™ accounts. Searches can be performed:

ssdi search checkIndividually or by batch*
ssdi search checkAs requested or automated*
ssdi search checkSchedule scans on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis.*

SSDI search credits are used on a per-search basis; 1 credit = 1 SSN search. All credit blocks expire after 1 year.

Current block rates:

1,000 credits = $1955,000 credits = $49510,000 credits = $74550,000 credits = $2,995400,000 credits = $4,995

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you search the Social Security Death Index!

* Free Portal accounts allow manual single searches only, and do not include batch, automated, or scheduled SSDMF/SSDI searches.