OIG & GSA-SAM Exclusion List Search

Monthly OIG & SAM exclusion list searches can be a dreadful process, but they don't have to be...

Automate HHS OIG & GSA SAM Searches With Portal Pro®!

Companies large and small use Portal Pro® to quickly manage exclusion searches. Our clients range from large practices operating under Federal Corporate Integrity Agreements to small physician groups – and switching to Portal Pro® saved some of them thousands of dollars each month!

The concept is simple – you create lists of names, then we scan them each month and send a summary of the results. If you’re a small provider, simply create and maintain the lists manually inside the interface. If you’re a large provider, you can import large lists of values from a spreadsheet. Keeping large lists “in sync” with your data is easy, too - simply merge your updated spreadsheet with the existing data in Portal Pro®! Once the data is scanned, managing exclusion database name matches is ultra-efficient because items you mark as “False Positives” stay marked as such, so you don’t have to review the same hits each month!

Efficient. Effective. Affordable. That’s Portal Pro®!

Verify Comply® offers a complete range of exclusion search products & services - even free - so if you're looking for something different, be sure to look at our other exclusion search services.

Portal Pro® Includes:
OIG Excluded Party Search  Unlimited Searches for Individuals AND Entities
OIG Exclusion Screening  Includes Federal and State exclusion databases. Click here for the complete listing
OIG Excluded Party Search  Bulk Data Imports and Scans
OIG Excluded Party Search  Bulk Updates: Merge Current Data into Existing Lists
  Up to five Administrator and User Logins (additional are $10/mo)
  Includes two "Lists" or sets of scan values (additional are $10/mo)
  Advanced Reporting
  Exportable Reports
  Mark "Hits" as False Positives to Efficiently Manage Future Searches
  Add Notes to Records
  Automated Audit Trail (if it's not documented, it hasn't been done!)
  Choose Which Lists to Monitor
  An Intuitive Web-Based Interface
  Available Immediately After Checkout
  Money Back Guarantee*
  Only $39.95 per month!

Are you interested in a Portal Pro® demo or have questions? Feel free to send a message or talk to us at 855.937.2872!

See Portal Pro® In Action!

* Your Portal Pro account will be activated immediately after checkout. To be eligible for a refund, cancellations must be requested within the earlier of: 5 days of the original purchase date; or before the first 100 searches are completed. We only issue refunds to the payment method used at the time of checkout. A refund will result in an immediate deactivation of the account, and all search history will become inaccessible.