If you’re working in an industry that requires OIG exclusion check and verification practices for compliance, you know the struggles associated with routine and repetitive database searching. What we have done is created user-friendly software that enables you and your organization to easily perform all of your exclusion checks at once. We also provide full-service options where our verification specialists perform the exclusion checks on your behalf. Here are three reasons we have seen new clients choose to work with Verify Comply for exclusion checks.

Tired of Searching the OIG Exclusion List and Other Databases One-by-One, Month-by-Month

We frequently talk to clients who are going to the OIG and other exclusion check databases and typing in names of individuals and entities, month after month. Verify Comply’s software, Portal Pro, allows you to easily upload a list of names and then simultaneously check them across as many federal and state exclusion databases as you choose. Additionally, it remembers what you did month-to-month so you never have to look at the same hit again. For anyone who is manually performing exclusion checks, Portal Pro will save an enormous amount of time and energy.

Seeking More Reliable Exclusion Screening Data

Some clients are concerned that they could be missing potential hits or perhaps have missed finding an excluded party in the past. At Verify Comply, each of our databases is updated at regular intervals: some daily, some weekly, and monthly at the very latest. If you scan every month, you will always be searching an updated database. Additionally, Verify Comply provides you with the exact day and time that each database was last updated. Transparency is important when it comes to making sure your exclusion checks are comprehensive.

Replacing an In-House Process

Some clients work with their internal IT group to develop an in-house tool to perform exclusion checks. However, keeping up with exclusion databases that are constantly updating and changing formats is a difficult task for an IT group that is probably already over-extended. When you use Verify Comply, we take that hassle away. Portal Pro can streamline your process for identifying search hits. And with the Ultimate service line, Verify Comply’s verification specialists can take the evaluation of unverified hits off your hands. Your team could never have to perform an exclusion check again!

These are just a few of the reasons organizations choose Verify Comply. If you’d like to hear more information on how Verify Comply can help streamline your exclusion check process, please give us a call at 855-937-2872.