About Us

Our story from exclusion monitoring to complaince hotline services and beyond.

Our History

Ethics Unlimited, LLC (EU) embarked on its journey in 2013 with a clear mission—to revolutionize the landscape of compliance and ethics services by making them more affordable. The founder, a former compliance officer, was struck by the exorbitant costs associated with exclusion monitoring software. Fueled by a desire to bring about change, Verify Comply was born. This marked the inception of EU's first venture, a pioneering force that has earned the trust of thousands of organizations and experienced consistent growth since its establishment in 2013.

Building on the success of Verify Comply, EU ventured into its second project—ComplyLine. The development of ComplyLine commenced in early 2022, driven by the same commitment to reducing costs, this time focusing on hotline and whistleblower services.

Our Values

At Verify Comply, one defining principle sets us apart—we have never raised prices. A remarkable feat made even more extraordinary by the fact that we have maintained an almost nonexistent employee turnover rate. Our approach is simple but impactful; we treat our employees the way we would want to be treated. This involves providing competitive salaries with annual increases, 100% employer-sponsored health insurance, a generous 4% 401k match, quarterly bonuses, and fostering a work culture where leadership collaborates with staff rather than presiding over them.

Our Ownership

Verify Comply and ComplyLine stand as a testament to our commitment to autonomy and integrity. Both entities are 100% privately owned by the founder, with no external investors and no debts hanging over us. This unique ownership structure empowers us to prioritize the well-being of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. Freed from obligations to shareholders and unburdened by debt, we operate with unparalleled financial flexibility, ensuring that our focus remains on delivering uncompromised quality services.

Our Future

As we chart our course into the future, Ethics Unlimited, LLC envisions a path marked by innovation and continued commitment to reshaping the compliance and ethics landscape. Building on the success of Verify Comply and ComplyLine, we are dedicated to pioneering new compliance-related services that address the evolving needs of organizations.

Collaboration and Client-Centric Approach

We recognize the importance of collaboration and feedback from our clients. As we forge ahead, we will continue to engage with our partners, understanding their unique challenges, and tailoring our services to meet their specific needs. Our client-centric approach ensures that our future developments are not just innovative but also directly address the real-world challenges faced by organizations.

Sustainable Growth

Ethics Unlimited envisions growth that is not only financially sound but also sustainable. Our commitment to responsible business practices extends into the future, ensuring that our expansion and development align with ethical standards and contribute positively to the industries we serve.

In embracing the future, we are excited about the prospect of creating a lasting impact on the compliance and ethics sector, solidifying our position as a leader in providing forward-thinking solutions for organizations worldwide.